Jackson, Marilyn, and Lucy Harrison

“We have a family at George Walton Academy of three students being raised by their great-grandmother, Joyce Mitchell. She could not bear to see these children go into the state system, so stepped in to take care of them. Noticing that the oldest, Jackson, is extremely bright, she wanted more of a challenge for him than he was getting at his previous school. Joyce was encouraged by a member of our school community to apply for all three children to enroll. With the hope of receiving aid through the GOAL program, she did so. Her story is so captivating that there was no way we weren't going to try to help her bring these strong children to our school. Once here, Jackson has thrived and won over all of his teachers with his exceptional writing abilities and insight. His two sisters, Marilyn and Lucy, are working diligently and thriving as well. They would say that they are lucky to be here, we would all say that we are lucky to have them.”

– Jenni Cole, Development & Communications Director at George Walton Academy

Harrison children

L to R: Marilyn Harrison (4th grade),
Jackson Harrison (6th grade),
Lucy Harrison (2nd grade)