GOAL provides the following services to its participating schools:

1) GOAL maintains a website portal that provides access to current best practices and marketing materials

2) GOAL provides an annual "GOALTenders Playbook" containing strategies, correspondence, materials and a timeline for most effective fundraising

3) The GOAL Paperless Process provides taxpayer contributors with the simplest and most efficient method for submitting online applications to initiate the GOAL contribution process

4) Online access to all contribution activity on "realtime" basis through your school's Contribution Web Portal 

5) Online (simple / streamlined) submission of scholarship requests through school's Scholarship Web Portal

6) Annual meetings of all GOAL Participating Schools to discuss strategy, best practices, legislation, fundraising techniques and to hear state and national speakers address our law & program

7) GOAL produces Annual Reports, distributed to all participating schools and all taxpayer contributors

8) GOAL provides each school with realtime visibility of their GOAL account balance, detailed financial quarterly reports and a summary annual report 

9) Upon request, GOAL provides participating school officials with consulting services regarding development and design, wording, and production of marketing materials

10) GOAL officials assist participating schools in the cultivation of corporate donors

11) GOAL creates and conducts lunchtime or breakfast seminars for CPAs – which qualify for continuing education credits for CPAs

12) GOAL charges a 5% administrative fee, but also returns any unused administrative fees back to participating schools. GOAL’s net administrative fee in 2019 was 4%. 

13) GOAL monitors all proposed legislative and regulatory changes to the law under which we operate and advocates for expansion of the cap and other productive amendments 

14) GOAL is served by an independent Board of Directors consisting of ten members

15) GOAL operates in an effective, efficient, and ethical manner that enables school leaders to market the QEE tax credit with confidence to all constituents

16) GOAL is setting the standard in Georgia with regard to transparency and accountability, which is attracting corporate donors such as BP