Scholarship Process

The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program does not accept applications directly from parents or guardians. Instead, it is up to one of our GOAL participating schools to recommend a student to receive a GOAL Scholarship.

Parents or guardians who are interested in a GOAL Scholarship for their child should contact the admissions department of their GOAL participating school of interest.

A list of the private schools participating with GOAL is available here.

Each GOAL participating school makes the final determination for the scholarship award amount to submit to GOAL for approval, based upon the financial situation of each family and the availability of funds in the school’s GOAL scholarship account. 

It is up to each GOAL participating school to design its own financial aid and GOAL Scholarship application process. Prior to enrollment of the student at the private school, school officials submit a scholarship recommendation to GOAL for consideration and approval, including proof of student eligibility and proof of family financial need.