The mission of Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program is to provide greater opportunities for access to learning for all Georgia children.

Our goals and objectives are:

Goal #1:  To provide excellent customer service to our participating schools, donors, and scholarship recipients

  • To communicate and work closely and effectively with development, admissions, and financial aid officials at our participating schools
  • To process contributions in a timely manner and provide donors with easy to use tax filing guidance
  • To quickly and competently process scholarship recommendations
  • To create and maintain excellent financial and reporting systems
  • To facilitate the sharing of best practices among the development, admissions, and financial aid officials at our participating schools, both online and at annual or more frequently-held conferences

Goal #2:  To encourage our participating schools to place a priority on recommending children from low- and middle-income families for GOAL scholarships

  • To educate our participating schools about the practical and political importance of awarding scholarships to low- and middle-income families
  • To make our participating schools aware that GOAL will respect their scholarship recommendations, regardless of the household income of proposed recipients and the recommended amount of the scholarship

Goal #3:  To operate in a professional manner, adhering to high ethical standards and committed to being a positive force among participating schools, scholarship families, and student scholarship organizations (“SSOs”)

  • To adhere to a Code of Ethics adopted by the GOAL Board of Directors and published on its website
  • To maintain the confidentiality of school, donor, and scholarship family information
  • To deal with our participating school officials, donors, and scholarship families in a professional and respectful manner
  • To refrain from disseminating false, misleading, or unfounded information about other SSOs
  • To refrain from affiliating with a for-profit entity and not offer, advertise, market, or otherwise promote commercial products or services to our contributors or the public that are not directly related to the administration of our scholarship program

Goal #4:  To operate a competent and productive scholarship organization that respects our employees, volunteers, and Board of Directors

  • To create and maintain a positive work environment for all employees and volunteers
  • To staff our organization at the levels necessary to meet the regular and seasonal work demands associated with our program
  • To provide our employees and volunteers with adequate training and continuous learning opportunities
  • To convene semi-annual or more frequent Board meetings and to regularly communicate with Board members throughout the year