Report Reveals Impressive Fiscal and Economic Benefits of Georgia's Education Tax Credit Program

An important new Kennesaw State University Economics Education Center report released today reveals the impressive fiscal and economic benefits of Georgia’s K-12 Education Expense Tax Credit Program (the “Program”).

As explained in a press release published by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and a recent article appearing on, the Program saved Georgia taxpayers $53.2 million, in the 2018-2019 academic year alone, and will generate an estimated $66.4 million in economic benefits related to 1,112 students who entered ninth grade on Program scholarships in that year and attained improved educational outcomes.

Because the study was conducted using actual GOAL Scholarship student data and applying the elements of a fiscal and economic impact audit that Georgia law requires of the Program in 2023, the report and its findings serve as an important roadmap for measuring the dramatically positive economic benefits of educational choice.