In 2009, the Georgia Independent School Association ("GISA") and Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program ("GOAL") entered into a formal agreement to cooperate in educating potential donors about Georgia’s tuition tax credit law and assisting interested GISA member schools in implementing the GOAL Program. 

GISA is the largest association of private independent and parochial schools in Georgia. The mission of GISA is to advance excellence and collaboration among Georgia's independent schools by serving the professional growth, advocacy, and interscholastic needs of member schools. In Georgia, as throughout the nation, each member school is unique. Each shares a commitment to overall excellence and to the nurture and care of the physical, intellectual, social and moral development of all students.

To date, 92 GISA member schools throughout Georgia are actively participating in the GOAL Scholarship Program. These schools are dedicated to the task of informing their parents, faculty and administration, alumni, and local business leaders about the benefits of redirecting all or a portion of their state income taxes to GOAL. Additionally, all GISA member schools are eligible to participate in the GISA-GOAL Fund.

GISA member schools participating in the GOAL Scholarship Program encourage contributors to GOAL to designate that their contributions be used to provide GOAL Scholarships at their schools. Also, in cases where potential contributors, especially corporate contributors, desire to redirect their Georgia state income taxes to be used in support of scholarships at a number of private schools based on geographical location, income, mission, or other unique factors, they can designate that their contributions be used accordingly. Additionally, potential contributors can make undesignated contributions to a common GISA-GOAL Fund from which scholarships will be awarded to students attending GISA member schools that have enrolled in the GISA-GOAL Fund (regardless of whether they are participating with GOAL or another SSO). GISA-GOAL Funds are allocated based on the same "per head" formula that GISA uses in determining the dues paid by its member schools.