More than ever, America's business leaders recognize that, in the education of our youth, "one size does not fit all." For that reason, businesses are supporting a wide range of parental choices for the education of their children, including traditional public schools, public charter schools, and community-based private schools.

Since 2008, hundreds of corporations have participated in a Georgia Education Expense Credit program that allows them to take a tax credit of up to 75% of their annual Georgia income tax liability for amounts contributed to student scholarship organizations that offer scholarships to low-income families who desire to send their children to accredited private schools.

GOAL is Georgia's largest and most proven organization implementing this program. Since 2008: 

  • More than 29,000 individuals and 353 corporations have made tax credit-eligible contributions to GOAL.
  • GOAL has raised over $69 million in contributions and awarded more than 12,300 scholarships to deserving students in five years.
  • GOAL ensures that low and middle income families are served; the average AGI of scholarship recipient families, adjusted for family size, is $25,138, and the average scholarship award is $3,754.

Why contribute to GOAL?

  • Makes fiscal sense: Georgia allows a 100% state income tax credit (and federal tax deduction) for contributions up to 75% of a corporation's annual tax liability.
  • Stewardship and transparency: GOAL is operating an ethical and accountable scholarship program that state and national educational leaders and policy-makers recognize as a model for the delivery of educational choices in a transparent manner.
  • Philanthropic and community objectives: When desired by a corporate contributor, GOAL tailors a scholarship fund to meet the philanthropic and community-outreach goals of the company. If desired, GOAL will create public awareness of the company’s investment in the program and make available opportunities for volunteerism and mentoring to interested company employees

"Working with GOAL, BP has created a customized program that allows us to give back to the communities where we operate."  Hope Lanier Freeman, Director of Government & Public Affairs – Southeast, BP America

"Quality programs such as GOAL are an important tool to use as we strive to ensure that students receive the education and training necessary for a successful future."  Chris Clark, President & CEO, Georgia Chamber of Commerce

"The State of Georgia is fortunate to have GOAL leading the way in providing more educational choices for families in such a responsible and transparent manner."  Charles Tarbutton, Assistant VP, The Sandersville Railroad Company; Past Chairman, Georgia Chamber of Commerce; and GOAL Corporate Advisory Board Member